Our pure plant oils

shutterstock_130287545_SOils 100% natural from organic farming

Our oils are obtained by first cold pressed of grains, seeds or fruits, or a maceration of flowers, roots, plants.

Thanks to this process, our bodycare oils contain the essential of the plant. Our selection is wide and diversified : between our 29 oils we count on 27 natural and organic oils, and 2 natural oils*

AbricotApricot oil

Greasy touch – Sensitive skin – Turns the skin supple and soft

AmandeAlmond oil

Greasy touch – Sensitive skin – Soothing and softening

ArganArgan oil

Dry touch – Dry skin – Nourishes and supples – Anti-oxidant and healing

ArnicaArnica oily macerate

Dry touch – Every skin types – Helps the muscle to heal. Relieve the pain

AvocatAvocado oil

Greast touch – Dry skin – Protects from outside agressions et reinforce the skin elasticity

BaobabBaobab oil

Greasy touch – Very dry skin – Regenerates and hydrate

BourracheBorage oil

Greasy touch – Dry skin – Brings suppleness and elasticity – Repars the damaged nail and hair

CalendulaCalendula oily macerate

Dry touch – Reactive skins – Soothing and healing – Reinforce the skin natural protection

CallophyleCalophylle oil

Greasy touch – Every skin types – Regenerates and accelerates the tissue healing

CamelineCamelina oil

Dry touch – Reactive skins – Protects and soothes rednesses and irritations

CarotteCarrot oily macerate

Dry touch – Every skin types – Healthy looking complexion – Helps the tan to last

ChanvreHemp oil

Dry touch – Every skin types – Soothes the rednesses – Strengthen the face and the bust

CocoCoconut oil

Glossy and dry touch – Softening and soothing – Calms the redness due to sun exposure

FiguierPrickly pear flower oily macerate

Dry touch – Regenerates the mature skin – Brings firmness and elasticity to tired skins

BléWheatgerm oil*

Greasy touch – Dry skins – Anti-oxidant and and free radical. Strengthen the hair and nails.

JojobaJojoba oil

Dry touch – Balance the mixed to greasy skin – Hydrate and protects

LysWhite lily oily macerate

Greasy touch – All skin types – Unifies the complexion and reduces the brown spots

MacadamiaMacadamia oil

Dry touch – Dry skin – Nourishing and softening – Prevents from stretchmarks and chap

MillepertuisSt John Wort oily macerate

Dry touch – For sensitive skins – Calms and soothes the burnes – Eases healing

NigelleNigella oil

Greasy touch – For sensitive skin – Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and healing

NoisetteHazelnut oil

Dry touch – Mixed to greasy skin – Balance sebum excess and repairs acnea scars

OnagreEvening primrose oil

Dry touch – Soothes the sensitive skin – Prevents from the mature skin elderness

Pépins RaisinGrape seeds oil

Dry touch – Fragile to sensitve skin – Regenerates and fights agains the skin elderness

RicinCastor oil*

Greasy touch – Very thick – Accelerates the hair, nails growth…

RosierMusk rose oil

Dry touch – Very dry skins – Anti-wrinkle , regenrates the skin

SésameSesame oil

Dry touch – All skin types – Soften the skin

SouchetTigernut oil

Greasy touch – All skin types – Post waxing and hydrating care – Helps reducing rednesses

*From organic farming