Our floral waters

shutterstock_105643931_sFloral waters from organic farming

Floral waters are obtained by distillation of the plant. They have tonifying, refreshing or even calming virtues.

BleuetCornflower water

Eye care – All skin type

AmandeCamomilla water

Calming – Sensitive skin

OrangerNeroli water

Soothing – Sensitive skin

HamamélisHamamelis water

Astringent – Sensitive skin

LavandeLavender water

Equilibrating – Mixed skin

MélisseMelisa/ Lemon Balm water

Leg care – All skin types

RoseRose water

Radiant complexion – All skin types

SaugeSage water

Purifying – Greasy skin

Menthe poivréePeppermint water

Purifying – Acneic skin